Maca is a food that, beside having a wealth of beneficial properties for your body, can be combined with practically any other food. It does not change the taste of other products, so it can be added to an endless list of recipes, directly boosting your vitamin and mineral intake as well as other health benefits. Do you know how to make easy desserts with maca?

Tips on making desserts with maca

To make desserts with maca, taking advantage of its beneficial properties in a delicious sweet dish, you only keep in mind a few tips that we’ll explain to you now.

Types of dessert

Biscuits and cakes are just some of the most common types. All of these can be made with maca, as long as it in the correct form. You can find maca in powder or gelatinised form, or even as maca flour. All of these can easily be added to any kind of recipe, so you can choose from a range of desserts while enjoying the benefits of maca.

Common ingredients

You can choose from any of your favourite ingredients to make your desserts because maca does not affect the flavour. You can combine it perfectly with chocolate, any type of fruit, condensed milk, caramel, sugar and much more. The ingredients you choose are entirely up to you - all you need to do is add a little maca to get all of its benefits.

Cooking techniques

Not all desserts are cooked in the same way nor take the same amount of time. Many need to be baked in the oven, others in a pan on the stove and still others can just go for a spin in the microwave. Maca, as a completely natural product that does not lose its properties when heated, can be cooked in whatever way suits the dessert. Just one more reason to add maca to your desserts.

Quantity of maca

The only thing to bear in mind is the amount of maca you use, because high doses are not recommended, especially for people who have only recently begun consuming maca. The best way to take it is to begin by adding a normal spoonful of maca to the recipe, so your body can become accustomed to its properties little by little.

Now you know how to make easy desserts with maca. As you can see, it's nothing more than adding a new star ingredient to your favourite recipes. Have you begun making desserts with maca? What are your favourites? Let us know what you think.