Maca has undeniable benefits for the human body when taken regularly. In its native country, Peru, this plant is consumed as a food, just like potato and other healthy products. However, in the majority of countries it is exported to, they receive a product made from maca, but not the plant itself. This makes it hard to know how to take maca according to its preparation method.


How to consume Andean maca

The way you take maca and the recommended quantity per day varies depending on its form and the way it has been prepared. It is important to bear in mind that, over and above how it is prepared and consumed, taking it over an extended period of time is the best way to benefit from the properties of maca.


How to take maca in capsules

The most common form maca comes in is in capsules. This format is maca pills containing a measured quantity of prepared product. Depending on the results that you wish to achieve, it is recommendable to take between one and four capsules per day. However, you should to consult a specialist in specific cases, for example when using maca to increase fertility.


Maca powder

It is also common to find maca in powder form. In this case, the recommended dose is between one and two small teaspoons, which can be included in a variety of recipes without reducing its effects. When first taking maca, start with just one teaspoon, increasing the dosage once the initial effects are felt. The advantage of powder is that it can be mixed with a multitude of other foods, such as smoothies, juices and yoghurt, without affecting the flavour and while maintaining all of its properties. You just have to choose which flavour you prefer.

Peruvian maca is generally available in the two forms described above. In both cases, it conserves all properties found in the original plant, so choosing between the two is only based on how each individual prefers to take it.

Now you know how to take Peruvian maca depending on its form, remember that to achieve certain effects, you may have to consult a health specialist. However, you’ll always be able to benefit from the properties of maca.