Sexual relations represent one of the most pleasurable sensations for human beings. The problem is that the pace of modern life often reduces or even kills sexual desire, which leads to frustration in couples, which can manifest itself in bigger problems. Of course, there are ways to combat this lack of sexual appetite, and the healthiest and most effective come from natural products. So, what are the most effective natural aphrodisiacs?


The best aphrodisiac foods

Instead of looking for chemical-based solutions, the most recommended approach is to try some of these natural foods which have aphrodisiac properties and which are also beneficial for the body as a whole.



This product, made in unique conditions in Peru, has myriad benefits of which one is being one of the most powerful aphrodisiacs. It is also known as 'peruvian ginseng' due to its effects. It increases sexual desire and libido in men and women. Furthermore, maca is energising and enhances men’s performance without the need for chemical products. It also has properties which increase fertility in both men and women.



Ginseng is one of the most well-known natural aphrodisiacs. It is made in Korea, and since antiquity has been used to cure erectile dysfunction. As has been demonstrated, it increases sexual potency and increases nitrous oxide production, which increases blood flow in arteries of the penis.



Cocoa hasn't been scientifically proven to increase sexual desire. However, it is one of the stand-out ingredients to increase libido. It works by increasing the production of endorphins and directly improves the state of mind, which results in a higher predisposition to sexual activity.



Coffee is a stimulant which provides a significant dose of energy. It is not a direct aphrodisiac, but as a stimulant, it improves performance on all levels, including sporting sessions in the bedroom. Furthermore, there is data which proves that couples who regularly drink coffee maintain a higher frequency of sexual relations compared with those who do not.


Royal jelly

This healthy, natural product has many benefits for the human body, one of which being stimulation of the nervous and genital system. Although its effects may not be as immediate as other foods and products, they are longer lasting and reliable for those who consume it.

As well as these, there are other products such as spices, nuts and herbs that have properties that increase sexual desire. Now you know what the most effective natural aphrodisiacs are, you just have to try them to enjoy a renewed drive in your sex life. Did you know about all of these natural aphrodisiacs? Tell us about your experience.